Amy Winehouse - Frank (Deluxe Edition)

Disco 1
1. Stronger Than Me (Jazz Intro)
2. You Send Me Flying (Cherry)
3. Know You Now
4. Fuck Me Pumps
5. I Heard Love Is Blind
6. Moody’s Mood For Love (Teo Licks)
7. (There Is) No Greater Love
8. In My Bed
9. Take The Box
10. October Song
11. What It Is About Men
12. Help Yourself
13. Amy Amy Amy (Outro)

Disco 2
1. Take The Box (Maqueta Original) Inédita
2. You Sent Me Flying (Maqueta Original)
3. I Heard Love Is Blind (Maqueta Original) Inédita
4. Someone To Watch Over Me (Maqueta Original) Inédita
5. What It Is (Maqueta Original) Inédita
6. Teach Me Tonight (Hootenanny)
7. Around Midnight (CaraB)
8. Fools Gold (Cara B)
9. Stronger Than Me (Later with Jools Holland)
10. I Heard Love Is Blind (Directo en The Concorde, Brighton)
11. Take The Box (Directo en The Concorde, Brighton)
12. In My Bed (Directo en The Concorde, Brighton)
13. Mr Magic (Sesión Janice Long)
14. No Greater Love (Sesión Janice Long)
15. Fuck Me Pumps (MJ Cole Mix)
16. Take The Box (Seijis Buggin Mix)
17. Stronger Than Me (Harmonic 33 Mix)
18. In My Bed (CJ Mix)

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