Disco 1
1- Mediocre Shakespeare
2- Deaths Great Black Wing Scrapes the Air
3- Lexquisite Douleur
4- How We Both Wondrously Perish
5- The Poets Cry for More
6- We Drag the Dead on Leashes
7- Even the Dead Have Their Tasks
8- Grace, Teach Us What We Lack
9- Mothers
10- Natures

Disco 2
1- Nothing, Save the Power Theyre Given
2- Dear G-d
3- The Hardest Part Is Forgetting Those You Swore You Would Never Forget
4- This Loneliness Wont Be the Death of Me
5- The Sea Always Seems to Put Me at Ease
6- Salute e Vita
7- Its Really Not as Complicated as Youre Making It Out to Be
8- Humble Servant, Am I
9- This Room Is Alive
10- We Will Never Be the Same
11- If Theyre Not Counted, Count Me Out 

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