Disco 1
1. Lay Your Hands On Me
2. Bad Medicine
3. Born To Be My Baby
4. Living In Sin
5. Blood On Blood
6. Homebound Train
7. Wild Is The Wind
8. Ride Cowboy Ride
9. Stick To Your Guns
10. I'll Be There For You
11. 99 In The Shade
12. Love For Sale
13. The Boys Are Back In Town
14. Love Is War
15. Born To Be My Baby (Acoustic Version)

Disco 2
1. Homebound Train (Demo)
2. Judgement Day (Demo)
3. Full Moon High (Demo)
4. Growing Up The Hard Way (Demo)
5. Let's Make It Baby (Demo)
6. Love Hurts (Demo)
7. Backdoor To Heaven (Demo)
8. Now And Forever (Demo)
9. Wild Is The Wind (Demo)
10. Stick To Your Guns (Demo)
11. House Of Fire (Demo)
12. Does Anybody Really Fall In Love Anymore? (Demo)
13. Diamond Ring (Demo)

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