Jamaica Say You Will / Cocker Happy

Disco 1
1. (Thats What I Like) In My Woman
2. Where Am I Now
3. I Think Is Going To Rain Today
4. Forgive Me Now
5. Oh Mama
6. Lucinda
7. If I Love You
8. Jamaica Say You Will
9. Its All Over But The Shoutin
10. Jack-A-Diamonds

Disco 2
1. Hitchcock Railway
2. She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
3. Marjorine
4. She's So Good To Me
5. Hello Little Friend
6. With A Little Help From My Friends
7. Delta Lady
8. Darling Be Home Soon
9. Do I Still Figure In Your Life
10. Feelin' Alright
11. Something's Coming On
12. The Letter

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