Disco 1
1. Everything In Its Right Place
2. Kid A
3. The National Anthem
4. How To Disappear Completely
5. Treefingers
6. Optimistic
7. In Limbo
8. Idioteque
9. Morning Bell
10. Motion Picture Soundtrack

Disco 2
1. Everything In Its Right Place (BBC Radio 1 Evening Session)
2. How To Disappear Completely (BBC Radio 1 Evening Session)
3. Idioteque (BBC Radio 1 Evening Session)
4. The National Anthem (BBC Radio 1 Evening Session)
5. Optimistic (Lamacq Live In Concert: Victoria Park, Warrington, England
6. Morning Bell (Live At Canal+ Studios)
7. The National Anthem (Live At Canal+ Studios)
8. How To Disappear Completely (Live At Canal+ Studios)
9. In Limbo (Live At Canal+ Studios)
10. Idioteque (Live At Canal+ Studios)
11. Everything In Its Right Place (Live At Canal+ Studios)
12. Motion Picture Soundtrack (Live At Canal+ Studios)
13. True Love Waits (Live In Oslo)

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