Red Hot Chili Peppers - Out In L.A.

Out In L.A.

Datos Técnicos
Formato: Mp3 128 kbps
Tracks: 19
Tamaño: 50 MB
Año: 1994
Discográfica: Emi

1. Higher Ground (12' Vocal Mix)
2. Hollywood [Africa] (Extended Dance Mix)
3. If You Want Me To Stay (Pink Mustang Mix)
4. Behind The Sun (Ben Grosse Remix)
5. Castles Made Of Sand (Live)
6. Special Secret Song Inside (Live)
7. F.U. (Live)
8. Get Up And Jimup (Demo Version)
9. Out In L.A. (Demo Version)
10. Green Heaven (Demo Version)
11. Police Helicopter (Demo Version)
12. Nevermind (Demo Version)
13. Sex Rap (Demo Version)
14. Blues For Meister
15. You Always Sing The Same
16. Stranded
17. Flea Fly
18. What It Is
19. Deck The Halls

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