Disco 1
1. The World And You Tonight
2. So Not Over You
3. Stay
4. They Don't Know
5. Oh! What A Girl!
6. Good Times Have Done Me Wrong
7. Debris
8. Lady
9. Money TV
10. The Death Of The Cool
11. Little Englander
12. Oh! What a Girl! [radio version]
13. Stay [radio mix]
14. So Not Over You [single version]
15. Go Now [single version]
16. Stay [7th Heaven radio edit]
17. So Not Over You [Johnny Douglas Radio Mix]

Disco 2
1. Oh! What A Girl! [Sweet Connection Club Mix]
2. Stay [7th Heaven Vocal Mix]
3. Go Now [Triple Dee Club Remix]
4. Oh! What a Girl! [Tom Belton Vocal Mix]
5. So Not Over You [Motivo Pop-Lectro Remix]
6. Stay [Grant Nelson Club Mix]
7. Go Now [Alex B Very Vocal]
8. Beside You
9. Oh! What A Girl! [live]
10. Debris [Sirius Radio Session]
11. Stay [Sirius Radio Session]
12. So Not Over You [Sirius Radio Session]

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